Sunday, June 04, 2006

New Band Alert

Here is the previously-mentioned planting of the baby lavender and Russian sage. As you can see, Mittens and I oversaw the project while Billy did all the work. They're small now but soon they'll grow into big bushes, perfuming us whenever we brush their purple flowers.

Last night's social event (the Rose Martini Party) featured the unusual three piece band Sneakin' Out. A bass player, mandolinist, and percussionist played covers of Beatles and Pink Floyd songs, as well as their own creations. Most anticipated for me was the playing of the typewriter (right), which indeed made clackety-clack sounds and provided an interesting percussive change from the usual drum set. Marimba, bells (glochenspiel), talking drum, chimes, and ukelele, as well as spot-on playing made this band one of my new favs. The red crinoline and mohawk sported by the percussionist was also quite dandy. Check them out!

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Anonymous said...

Hope Billy stayed to the end of this enchanted evening.

Mama Linda