Sunday, June 04, 2006

Relax, my foot!

Apparently day of rest now means that we only work for 3-4 hours instead of all day.
This morning at breakfast, Billy suggested that instead of stressing over all the work we had to do on the house, we take it easy and relax for a day.

"I just want to finish the roof," he said.

We worked up there for about 30 minutes until the rain drove us inside. It's sunny now, and he's been up on the roof for a couple of hours and shows no sign of stopping.
Spackling and sanding the living room landing occupied me for about half an hour, and assembling my beef pot pie kept me busy before that. When are we going to relax, again?

And the roof is done! That smile celebrates the completion of a B+ roof. (Self-graded by the teacher.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

From the title, I thought maybe you had hurt YOUR foot now...Congratulations on getting the roof done! You guys are really keeping busy. I see the yellow supervisor on the job too!

My love,
Mama Linda