Friday, February 23, 2007

Get Well, Sarah!

Most of you know I'm not the praying type, but if ever there was a moment for sending good energy. . . My friend Sarah was recently diagnosed with cancer. A couple of years ago she broke her leg here at work, which somehow jump-started tumors around her knee. After a knee replacement surgery and months on crutches, yesterday she had an operation to take off her leg to try to save her life. She's also undergoing chemo and radiation for her lymphatic system and lungs. If you have a moment, can you please send some healing energy, or prayers, or whatever you do, to my friend Sarah? She definitely needs it.

See her blog at


Linda M. said...

We're soooo sorry for this awful news. I'm sure Sarah appreciates a good friend like you who will ask the gods that be for strength on her behalf. We are with you in our thoughts and requests for healing energy.

Love, Mama Linda and Daddy Jim

Linda M. said...

I went to Sarah's site. No postings since January 23 and I didn't see anyplace for comments?

Just checking...
Mama Linda

The Cat's Meow said...

Hi Katy
I burned a white candle for Sarah.
I wish her well and NO pain!!
Aunt Sandy