Friday, March 23, 2007

A Holesome Pastime

Spring has sprung but it's still grey and dreary outside, with just a few warm days here and there. Billy and I have been hopping around the garden, cleaning up from winter and getting things ready for spring. Last Sunday at 3 we started our most ambitious project in awhile: installing fenceposts in the front yard.

I dug a swath of grass while Billy gathered the tools, then we took turns digging the postholes and helped each other center the posts within said holes. Then Billy mixed and poured the cement while I made dinner. Now we have three little posts that are ready to be joined by a few more to make some kind of kid- and methhead-repelling barrier that our cats can still run through if a big hairy dog comes by.

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Linda M. said...

I see tulips!!!!! Spring is here!