Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Poor, poor Alex.

It was his big day- he finally got his license!

He hopped in his parents' white subaru forrester for a quick spin to Walgreens.

Coming out of the parking lot, he saw a red subaru coming towards him, turn signal on, and he assumed that car would be pulling into the parking lot beside him.

(Oh, gentle Alex. Never assume while driving! Other drivers are much more impatient and believe me, you can't read their minds.)

Putting on the gas, Alex rolled forward as Katy swore, honked, and hit.

I'm fine, people. I was only going 20 or so, and it's nothing that a little trip to the chiropractor and/or massage therapist and some yoga can't fix.
The suby, on the other hand, is in sad shape. "Total financial loss," they told me regretfully at the repair shop.

The car wouldn't drive away from the scene (which happened near 82nd and Holgate) and was blocking a lane and a half of traffic. Officer Baxter to the rescue! She blocked my car from oncoming traffic and even filled out our accident report.

So I may be in the market for a new used car soon. Any opinions?

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Mountain Laurel said...

OMG Katy, all accidents are trumatic to say the least! Even if you are okay (as I'm sure all your muscles are NOT) I know this has to be a sad parting with the favorite car! You've put the situation in a pleasant sort of way, and we are surely glad that it wasn't worse for you!

Mama Linda