Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Siding Excitement

Late summertime is Billy's vacation from work, generally- no more classes, no papers to grade, no students begging for anything, and lots of time to sleep in, play ball with the cats, and work on the house.
This year, thanks to his first online class, there was no vacation.
In between editing the final draft of the vacation-stealing class, he's been working on scraping the paint from the house, tearing off old siding, insulating and prepping new siding.

Ceilings in old houses are prone to cracking (so I hear), but our dining room ceiling cracked when the rotten siding on the eastside of the house eventually let in too much rain.

Covering it proved effective as a temporary fix to get us through the winter, but now Billy has torn the siding off and is almost ready to affix the new siding. (He's getting to be an expert at this job, since he redid some fascia last summer before installing the new gutters.)

Hopefully we won't spring a leak somewhere else, but who knows- that's what makes old houses so lovable, right?

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