Tuesday, May 16, 2006

94 Degrees in May?!

Yesterday was the first hot day of the year. It was a balmy 65 at 7:30 when we left for work, and by noon it had climbed to 80. If we were still living on Tibbetts, we would at least have a pool to look at (which helps, believe it or not!) but they don't open it until Memorial Day. As it is, I'm QUITE pleased that we held out for a house with a basement. Ahh! It's only a 3/4 basement, but someone dug it out and finished the walls and installed pergo throughout most of it. The last owners must have gotten a deal on kitchen cabinets because there's a flock of them installed on the ledge. Behind the pantry there's quite a sizable ledge, which our extra queen futon fits perfectly on. Voila, an air-conditioned bedroom! (Just watch your head- that cold-air return duct sits awfully low.)
Luckily the evening cooled down enough to not have to sleep down there, but during the dog days we'll be down there with Mittens enjoying our free, natural air conditioning.

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Linda M. said...

What is pergo? Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. I'm still celebrating, so everyone feel free to add your own touches of celebration on my Red Letter Day! Hi to Billy and the kitties.
Love, Mama Linda