Sunday, May 21, 2006

Butter Yellow Kittenprints

Billy's been so good today- elevating his foot, keeping hydrated (with soda), taking his meds to stave off infection, and spending lots of time at the computer. We have another injury to report, although it was only a flesh wound. This one truly was my fault. Well, kind of. Our downstairs bedroom needed paint this week since we're having out of town guests next week (Hi, Bill and Ann!) so I did the trim last night, trimmed again this morning, taped and then did a coat on the walls. Then I wrapped my brushes and roller, stuck them in the fridge, and put my paint tray on the kitchen floor. Do you see where this is going, gentle reader?
Sylvia did, indeed, step in the paint tray, as evidenced by the tiny yellow catprints on the kitchen floor. In the process of cleaning her, Billy sustained a scratch to the cheek, which had dripped two inches down his face by the time I walked in. Luckily, no emergency room visit was necessary, although since we probably met our deductible yesterday it would have been nearly free today!
I did finish (mostly) the downstairs bedroom, which is now a bright shade of yellow. I also put together the bed and moved in the nightstands so the room is almost ready for guests. Too bad the mattress is as old as hades...


Linda M. said...

I hope you keep the tiny yellow footprints on the kitchen floor.

Mama Linda

Katy said...

I tried to wipe them up but they were mostly dried. They would have been cute if they were perfect, but they're just blobby now.