Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I Heart Britney Spears

It's true! She's in my bed as I type this, and boy is she cute!!
Intense yellow eyes, long curly tail, an exposed navel and amazing paw-eye coordination that will bring rave reviews from friends and family (but not Mittens).
I had fun with her shelter-ordained name when we went to meet her this morning.
"Can I help you?" the receptionist asked.
"Yes, we have a date with Britney Spears," I said perkily.
She thought I was joking, but haha, I wasn't!
Bad name aside, Britney is recovering from getting spayed yesterday but was still very active when we met her this morning. Billy took her home during his lunch break and quarantined her with food, water and litter box.
Princess Mittens wasn't very happy with the new situation. Poor Mittens. Jealousy's a bitch. We got her a catnip body hug pillow today and we're both going to spend lots of time with her so she has reassurances that we still love her. Hopefully she'll be upstairs when I come home. Billy said she was sulking in the basement and wouldn't play with him when he brought Britney home. Poor little McMao!


astarrte said...

When's the Housewarming/Britney's Debut?

Katy said...

The coming out dates of our 3-month-old ingenue and our 83-year-old house have yet to be determined. Stay tuned!