Friday, May 19, 2006


My panoramic view from work isn't working out the way I'd planned. Please use your imaginations or poke yourself in the eyes, gentle reader, to try for the effect I was going for. The day has since gotten cloudy and overcast, but on sunny days my coworkers and I can gaze out onto the west hills of Portland whenever we have a free moment. If you look in the furthest right photo, the two biggest buildings (tan and white with green trim) are Portland State buildings. Billy's in the midst of the trees on the mountain today, landscaping for our clients in the park-like setting of Forest Park. Isn't Portland nice and green?


Anonymous said...

Looks good from here! We'll take all the pictures you can get.

Jim used to have a view of the river as it snaked through the city of Columbus from his high rise city building. Wish we had pictures.

Bear with me as I use my imagination (later) for what I think might be down below and out yonder! Do I remember a beautiful rose garden there? I believe someone dropped a rose in that parking lot right next to the yellow cab. (smile) I have to run to work now. Have a great weekend!
Love to you both,
Mama Linda

Katy said...
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