Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Ultimate in Surround Sound

By now most of our loyal readers have weekend plans. Whether it be organizing the house and playing referree (Billy), camping in the Florida swamps (Kiren), studying for finals (Tabitha), or working all night as the only nurse on the hall (Mama Linda), most people like to plan ahead so they have something fun (sometimes!) to look forward.
For those procrastinating Portlanders who need some aural beauty in their lives, please consider coming to hear my choir this weekend.
(I'm third from the left in the front row)

The David York Ensemble will be performing at the Grotto on NE 82nd and Sandy in Portland, Oregon. (Click on concerts at my choir homepage and scroll down to "The Silence of a Candle.")
After performing hundreds of times in many different venues, I still find singing at the Grotto an awesome and satisfying experience.
We will be singing Messiaen's O sacrum convivium, Pablo Casals's O Vos Omnes, Bruckner's Os Justi and Palestrina's Missa Brevis. Also on the playlist are pieces by four Northwest composers, including three world premieres: The Silence of a Candle by David York, Here, I Carry You by Malcolm Dalglish, and Alleluia for Peace by Robert Kyr.
For three pieces, I will sing in the balcony with a small subchoir while the rest of the choir sings from the main floor. This really lets the voices soar and intertwine and provides the ultimate in natural surround sound.
If you're interested in purchasing tickets or cds, please call 503-721-0262.
Of course, if you want a private concert, please let me know and I'll sing for you wherever we are. I specialize in made-up songs about my current activities and songs about your cat.


Linda M. said...

You Go! Girl! One of these years I'll make it to your concert! That would be my "eighth-heaven!"
Love, Mama Linda

Katy said...

That would be great, Mama Linda. Thanks for being such a committed long-distance fan!