Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Layout Shmayout

Three rooms are currently halfway furnished and the painting's almost completely done! Here you see the first furniture layout in the living room. Obviously that purple chair won't work there, and we have the red davenport to put somewhere, too. Yikes! This is one of my worst skills- interior design and organization. The previous people had a couch in the same place, plus one perpendicular to the closest end of this one. They had no chairs and a round coffee table. I know a lot of you have opinions and talent on this type of thing- what should we do?

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Linda M. said...

Hi Katy, We can't see the entire room, but would Mittens like to have the couch in front of the window so she can watch for you to come home? We had to make our living room and bedroom "pet friendly" so Ching-Ching can watch the dogs go by on the sidewalk below and Sheba can watch for me from her post at the foot of the bed...NO matter, it will be changed again anyway with the first good cleaning.
Love, Mama Linda