Friday, May 05, 2006

Perpendicular: Bad Feng Shui

Our house wasn't infused with light this morning, so today's photos aren't as bright as I'd like. The composition isn't very good, either. Crap!
Last night before rehearsal, Billy and I moved some furniture. I was so eager to set up the stereo system (in the brown cabinet) that I hooked up all the wires through the front of the shelves rather than the back. Whoops. We put the red couch perpendicular to the gold couch, but it closed off the living room and affected the flow of traffic. For now it's waiting in the dining room until we find a suitable place for it. We also put the kitchen table in the dining room since it won't fit in the breakfast nook. (Which is a converted service porch, we think.)
We fried some hot wings the other night so I opened the only window in the kitchen that opens, which doesn't have a screen. Somehow a male cat climbed the gate, jumped in the window, and proceeded to spray the floor in the basement. Poor Mittens- kitten upstairs, stinky spray downstairs- what's a girl to do? Hopefully he didn't get the furniture on the main floor, too. That stuff is SO yucky.
Sorry that we don't have more news on fixing up the house- things are moving very slowly this week due to performances, allergies, and landscaping. Any tips on arranging furniture?


Linda M. said...

Me thinks the house IS infused with light - is why the pictures may be dark. Try this. Lower the window shades or take pictures that don't have a window in them. The camera thinks you have light that you really don't have when it "sees" a bright light in picture. Just a thought. You can experiment. (How clear what that?) You don't need to post this. It was an assumption I suspect may help. I've noticed the pictures that look dark actually have a window showing in the picture. They say tomatoe juice may take away the cat spray odor. Let me know. I love you; say hi to Billy and good luck this weekend. Mama Linda

Anonymous said...

Also "Nature's Miracle" enzyme cleaner can help with the odor. Not yours and Billy's, silly, the male cat's! Have you used this before? The pet store or health food store or even Freddy's might have it. The little bugs eat up the scent molecules. It's a fun science project for the home!