Thursday, May 04, 2006

Q. Can a Cat Growl While Eating?

A. Of course a cat can growl while eating!
Just like a dog can bark with his mouth full (one of my personal favs), Mittens demonstrated last night that she is a talented multitasker.
I arrived home from work and acted like nothing was amiss. What kitten in the upstairs bedroom?
Mittens, however, would have none of it. Tail down, growling when I petted her, swishy tail, and outright slaps if I persisted in trying to lavish attention on her.
She would NOT have reassurances. She would NOT have pets.
She WOULD have fish flakes, thank you, but she expressed her displeasure during the snack so I wouldn't forget she was mad:
Num num GRRRR num num GRRRR num num num GRRRRRR.

Billy, dedicated father that he is, spent half the night on the couch sleeping with Mittens. The kitten was needy during the second half of the night, pawing, kneeding, and purring. She must be lonely now that her kitten friends are gone and she has no one to talk to during the day. Soon enough she and Mittens will be BEST friends and they'll frolic and play all day long.

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