Thursday, May 18, 2006

Fight at the Wheatgrass Corral

Mittens and Sylvia are almost to the point of playing together civilly; right now their positive interactions mostly consist of claws-in hitting. Mittens will be lying around, minding her own business, and Sylvia will sneak up. Growling and smacking will ensue and Sylvia will skip away, only to return in a few moments for more teasing.
Sylvia's usually clandestine attack was thwarted this morning, as Mittens put her back against the wall, the better to defend herself. (Smart girl!) Look to Sylvia's back left leg for evidence of her sneakiness. Creeeeeping up. . . Maybe she won't see me. . .
Too close, and she gets a SMACK.
Sylvia will have to wait for her vegetables today.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice name - Sylvia. Tell mommie you'll take catnip over vegies. Say hi to daddy Billy.

Love, Mama Linda