Sunday, April 30, 2006


Two smashed fingers, several lacerations, and countless loads later, Billy and Katy are completely moved out of the Tibbetts Street apartment!
Can I get a "whoop whoop!"
Thanks to Mom and Dad Yoshihara, who brought the ladder this morning and helped us move more furniture and boxes, we were done in half the time we thought it would take.
Now we can concentrate on the business of working on the house, relaxing, and doting on our precious Ming Mao. (Otherwise known as Mittens.)
Billy did a little painting this afternoon while I puttered around, moving items from room to room and setting up the television and dvd player. Of course I had to see if my precious idiot box worked, and I was happy to find the local choir Capella Romana, one of the Northwest's only professional choirs, on OPB. Poor Billy, slaving away as I happily watched interviews and performances of Byzantine chant.
He decided around three that he'd do the last bit of trim in the living room.
"In one hour, you'll have your living room!" he promised.
Three hours later:
"I'm so tired, yet I persist," he moaned, "all because you want the living room done."
Does that make anyone else giggle?

But please don't fret, gentle reader, because Billy does a fair amount of relaxing. Why look, here he is with his long-legged kitten, enjoying a quiet moment of reprieve.


Anonymous said...

More, more! Please add more posts about your exciting move and renovations. How can I procrastinate properly if you won't give me material? Mittens looks like a zombie kitty. Does she have a new friend yet? Do they walk around the house on their hind legs with their little furry forepaws extended in a zombie salute?


Katy said...

Hahaha, mittens is merely relaxing. You'd better watch out or she might decide that law-student brains are delicious and start feasting on you!