Saturday, April 22, 2006

2-3 Weeks?!

It's only 9:15 pm and we're done working for the night? It seems strange, since we've worked late nearly every night this week. I'm not even exhausted!
Today we accomplished several tasks. First, Billy loaded up the truck. Mittens was appointed Safety Officer, and spent quite a while inspecting the load. Above you'll see her as she makes her initial walk-through, balancing along the edge of the truckbed. Unfortunately, her luck soon ended and she slipped off the tailgate. With only her dignity hurt, she finished her job (right) before going off to groom her tail in embarrassment.

Three loads and lots of paint later, Billy just offered to make me a drink and I reminded him that we'd already moved the liquor. We wailed together in misery. He checked the kitchen and came back to report that we have about 1/2 an inch of vodka and 1/4 inch of kahlua. Who knows what kind of delicious treat THAT will make? (gagging)

The living and dining room, left, are finished. We just have to redo the trim where the tape didn't quite make the lines as we'd expected. It's frustrating how much time we spent taping every edge, and then having it bleed through and look crappy anyway.
Thanks to everyone for their advice on colors! We have red and gold furniture (a mishmash, really) so hopefully that will contrast nicely with the green. Also, we took some advice for the exposed plaster in the bedroom and simply spackled the edges and primed it (right). Tomorrow we'll be able to paint the walls.

Billy is nearly finished with the trim in the studio. I don't know what we were thinking, as it's going to be a VERY dark room with its periwinkle and grey-brown trim. (Notice the contrast on the door on the left between the grey edges and the white center.) Plus it's on the south side, which is blocked by the wall-0-ivy, so there's not much sun anyway.
Chris came over and organized almost the entire kitchen. Thanks, Chris!

Yosh came over (right) and helped paint (and get coffee) for several hours. Thanks, Yosh!
Tomorrow is moving day and we're planning on sleeping in the studio until the bedroom's done. I'm taking a couple of days off work to bust out the painting and organizing so we don't live in chaos for too long. We'll see, though- entropy is a little too fond of us, methinks!
One more thing- our ISP said that they might not be able to transfer our service for 2-3 weeks (!!!!) so we might be without the internet at home for awhile. Since they're installing a line that's solely dedicated to the DSL, the work might get done a little faster. Keep your fingers crossed, gentle readers!

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