Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Pragmatists Wanted

You're looking at the worst textured half-wall in the house. Right now it makes a little cubby in the room, convenient for placing a tv at the foot of one's bed. I'm not sure of its original purpose- maybe to add strength to the ceiling? (The studio also has a sloping ceiling like this, except there's attic space behind it.) Anyway, the texture was really driving me crazy. I could tell that it was unstuck from the plaster in some places, because it sounded hollow when I tapped it with my fingernail. Also, there were bumps and bruises all over, with the corner tape showing through in spots. Not what I've come to expect from this solid house! Billy opened part of one corner with his scraping tool, and as I sanded last night, I reopened it. Crack, crackle, break, and the dust flew. After briefly consulting with Billy, I started peeling the thin textured paper that lay atop the plaster. Square feet of exposed plaster later, I began to have doubts. What next? There's only one very thin crack that I've found so far, so perhaps the keys haven't come off the lathe. Are we going to have to replaster and wait 30 days for it to cure? I'd rather not put drywall over it. Anyone have advice?

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Anonymous said...

Original Purpose – “Creative Architecture” even small pictures need a place to hang. Scrape good, lay in the plaster, sand it down, scrape good, paint white several times with a nice coat of light yellow. Good to go! If you have to open up wall areas don’t forget about extra electrical fixtures.

Daddy Jim