Sunday, April 02, 2006

Moving Day! (For the Tenants)

Yay, the tenants were supposed to be out yesterday! They left a big pile of who-knows-what in the driveway hidden under a big blue tarp (pictured). Maybe they have an agreement with the current owners to pick it up sometime this week. Our fabulous realtor, Larry Porter (also pictured), and our mortgage banker are both back from vacation on Monday, so hopefully we can pick up the pace and maybe close a week early. To the left you can see the backyard during our first visit. The inside of the house was very tidy but the backyard was apparently too much to clean. In the left side of the photograph notice our 30 foot high wall of ivy. It's growing on the business that faces Foster Rd, which seems to be a defunct tattoo/piercing shop. I just hope they don't put in a nightclub, because I'm not too tolerant of loud neighbors.
I've been researching alternative power sources tonight and I realize that our lot, with the wall-o-ivy and the big pine tree on the side would probably be a bad candidate for a wind turbine. Maybe solar's a better idea. We've also been kicking around the idea of adopting a little friend for Mittens. The move would be a good time, we think, since Mittens won't have established her territory. On the other hand, it might be too much stress and cause her undue angst. And that's our job!

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