Tuesday, April 25, 2006

If Wishes were Fishes...

Are you sick of seeing photographs of our paint jobs yet? Huh? Unfortunately, our work has slowed to a snail's pace and that's about all that's been accomplished in the past two days. I busted out the walls in the bedroom yesterday (left), so unless we get very ambitious and agree to do the ceilings (nooo!), we'll move in there tomorrow.
Mittens ventured outside today. I went out to check on her several times and each time she saw me she made sure she was out of reach so I couldn't snatch her up and bring her back into the boring house. Jeeez, Mom! There's nothing to do in there!
In other news, I'm fighting off a cold. (Headline News, as they say at my work.) Setting up the house is going much more slowly than I'd anticipated, and it doesn't make for very exciting reading:
"Hey kids, we got a new garbage can today! Wow!!"
To amuse my clamoring readership, I'll share some wishes that children have written on cards here at the library. They're on display at the end of each bookcase:
I wish nobody would die.
I wish I knew more about technology.
I wish for peace.
I wish I had my own bunny rabbit.
I wish my sister was nice.
I wish could read better.
To be fair, I wish my brother was nice.
I wish for food for all people.

I think I'll go home and contribute to that last one. It's lunchtime!
What's your wish for the day?
Thanks to CuteOverload for the picture.


Sandra said...

I wish for springtime without allergies!

I wish the errant hair stuck in my ear would come out magically all by itself. Or, perhaps that I trusted anyone on earth enough with a pair of tweezers in my ear to help me.

I wish for your housewarming party to be soon! :)

The Cat's Meow said...

Hi Katy & Billy
We know how the home remodeling and painting can take a very looooooooong. We still are trying to put in closets and new bath in my bedroom. Don't get dicourage it will all look great when your finshed. Remember life is to short not to stop and smell the flowers.
Love Aunt Sandy

Katy said...

Sandra, I'm amazingly good with a pair of tweezers! Call me and I'll come over with them. They're needle sharp and I have a very steady hand. :)