Friday, April 21, 2006

Green or green?

It's Friday, and we have only two more days to finish up the painting before we move in. Yikes! Billy and I are at an impasse over what to do with the colors, and we're both tired and cranky from putting in so many hours this week. Due to space issues, we didn't unpack several boxes from the LAST time we moved, so that's made packing easier!
Our neighbors are turning out to be friendly, although I've yet to talk to any personally. The tough guy next door is apparently "an intellectual with tattoos and a pitbull." I'm delighted that he appears to live alone. (Single people usually talk less, and have less parties, unless they talk to themselves, and he doesn't appear to.) The other neighbor is concerned about the large sap-spitting pine tree on our property, and has already inquired (via my dad) if we're planning on doing anything with it. First things first, lady!

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