Monday, April 24, 2006

Moving Day

Moving day came and went and the new house is full of stuff. I know I've said it before, but who knew we had so much stuff!
We brought Mittens over last night and she explored cautiously, tail down, wondering why we'd brought her here and when we'd be taking her home, please. Today she felt a little better, massaging my stomach, purring, and enjoying the nip I sprinkled on her two scratchy pads. She's mostly hanging out on the main floor on the gold couch. (The same one that Billy's relaxing on after moving, right. Ooo la la, look at those legs!)
Thanks to everyone who helped move- Jimmy, Brandy, Mom, Dad, Chris and Megan. Thanks to Chris and Megan, our kitchen is almost completely put together. Wow! We just need to find a spice rack for the myriad of baggies that clutter our cupboard.
The sunny weather really helped our move, too. Thanks, sun!

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Sandra said...

now that is a great pic! :)