Saturday, April 22, 2006

Tail Up

The final results are in, ladies and gentlemen, and the prevailing sentiment is GREEN! Yes, it's true! As evidenced in the photograph to your left, both the dining AND living rooms are tangy, salty, and ready to pile on a crispy corn chip. Mmm!
Every room is still only partly done. How can that be?! It defies all laws, ladies and gentlemen. To have worked for a week straight and still not have completed a project? At least we have 4 rooms that are halfway livable.

We've been playing phone tag and "I'll call you," with the plumber all week, and yesterday, with no warning, his son called Billy.
"My dad's in the neighborhood, and he's headed over."
Good thing Billy happened to be there. Now we have our lovely new Jenn-Air gas convection range ready to go. It's piped, plumbed, and hooked up to within an inch of its life. The only thing he didn't do is attach it to the wall in case we have a heavy turkey resting on the open door. Who rests a turkey on an oven door, anyway? That's a sure way to tip the dang thing over!

We're hoping to visiting the Humane Society today. It's moving into kitten season, and I've seen lots of kittens and cats on craigslist lately. I found a sweet 10-month-old medium haired female named Emily yesterday on the Humane Society's website. Billy and I may go check her out today. (In between the packing, taping, painting, and moving.)
Mittens has been thrown off by our recent frenzy around the apartment. Everything's out of order, we're always gone, and whenever she walks on the pile of boxes, they slip out from under her and slide onto the floor. She always seems surprised when that happens. Maybe she just walks on them for the quick ride before she jumps to safety. This morning she came to lie on my chest while I was waking up, and eventually she started purring and her tail went up. Yay, tail up! I like when my kitty's happy.
The pork chops I made last night in the crock pot smell DEEEElish. Too bad I have a breakfast date.
Where did you get your pet? From a friend? The Humane Society? In a parking lot at Denny's?

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