Saturday, April 29, 2006

Drink Me

For Mittens's second birthday, Billy and I decided to give Mittens her own sink, since she's often fascinated with our human sinks. I was hoping it would splash more but it pours out in a gentle continuous stream, silent and smooth. It's not her new raison d'etre, but it at least seems acceptable.


astarrte said...

Ooh - free butterfly bush/tree on Craig's list!

Shelley King said...

Hmm, it doesn't really look like the one in the picture at, does it?

Katy said...

Very clever observation, Shelley! In fact, it's a different one. I couldn't find the exact model that we'd bought on the website so I used a different picture. That one pours, ours flows. (That one was $50 in the store, too- yikes!)