Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Final Walkthrough

We got our first glimpse of our new next-door neighbor yesterday as we trespassed on our future lawn. Mr Garrison (I didn't see Mr Hat) was detailing the tires on his very large pickup. That must be the truck that pulls his large pleasure boat and the RV that lives in his driveway. I saw Mrs Garrison a couple of weeks ago as I slunk by to spy on the progress of the tenants and see if the repairs had started. I hope she watches all suspicious neighborhood behavior as closely as she watched me that day.

Last night the neon green numbers on the lawn and street in front of the house gave us hope that the repairs were indeed impending. Today we meet at the house for the final walk-through and the signing of the papers. The large pile of garbage is still languishing in the driveway, and a very nice chair sits in the garage. If they leave everything, at least we'll have a pretty vintage chair to add to our collection!

The back gate was wide open, so we helped ourselves to the backyard and were delighted to see that many of the holes were filled in and the dog poop was gone. Happy us.
There are so many details that we're trying to keep track of, and so much money to spend. We've called all of the utility companies, have made countless lists, and sometimes have daily budget meetings to keep everything on track. Next week is scramble time, when everything needs to be done before we move in the weekend of the 22nd.
We close on Friday, and are going to spend the weekend cleaning and prepping for painting.
All the rooms (except for the bathrooms and basement) are an unoffensive light brown/beige, with white wainscoting in the dining room and main floor bathroom. Is wainscoting generally left white? I don't remember from my bungalow books.
As we lurked around the property last evening, we decided that we might as well peek in the front door. No one's living there; what's the harm? We were delighted to see that the hardwoods are in much better shape than we'd originally feared. (It was raining during our first two visits so there was mud everywhere.) We were tossing around the idea of refinishing the floors ourselves but with the lack of time and the amount of floors, we were doubtful that it could be done. It looks like the painting is going to be our primary manual labor- woohoo!

Next Monday, we're hoping to have our new range delivered. Then we'll have the son of the brother of the guy who plumbed the water in my friend's kitchen remodel come plumb our kitchen for gas. My dad's going to update the electrical box (which has a piggyback on one of the lines) and install GFCI outlets in the bathrooms and kitchen. Yay! My electrical knowledge is only as big as knowing how to add a bare-bulb outlet in a friend's basement. Thanks, Dad!

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