Thursday, April 20, 2006


Welcome to Ed's House of Guacamole! Despite our best intentions to provide a soothing haven that reflects our love of nature, we have created a space that says Let's Party, Mexican style! The green is not so much sage as it is Spring Green (remember your crayolas?).
We had planned to paint the dining room, living room, landing and upstairs hall the green. Now that it's Guacamole Green, I'm having second thoughts.
What do you think? Can you suggest any complimentary/contrasting colors that would go well? Bright orange and yellow?


Linda M. said...

A border of sunflowers? Daisies?

A sprinkling of those colorful chili peppers?

I wonder if you'd have another problem matching the yellow with the green unless you did a test spot first.

The green doesn't look badly to me, but might get boring on too many walls.

We don't live there though, so we will just enjoy watching...

Mama Linda

astarrte said...

Accenting with yellow/gold - chairs, pillows, lamps, etc. - will take care of it.

Anonymous said...

I would try a soft yellow in the adjoining rooms. And remember: even very pale in the can can be quite bright on the walls.

Alternately, have you considered Fiesta Salsa and a nice Refried Bean Brown?


Anonymous said...

I like the color. I don't know if the picture shows the true color but in thepicture it doesn't look bad. I would suggest using lavender and lots of white. What room is this?

Love you,
Ann and Dad

Katy said...

Thanks, everyone, for your tips the dining room! I'll keep you posted on what we decide to do. :)