Monday, April 17, 2006

Ryobi Sanders Rock!

I've been busy at work today so I haven't had time to post until now, at 4:45pm. Sunday was a busy day. We had five people working at one point- Billy was spackling, Paul was vacuuming, Chris and I painted, and Dad worked on the doorbell and more outlets. The studio (aka back bedroom) has one coat of its dark slate blue. We're going to put another coat on tonight and maybe give the bedroom (aka front bedroom) its first coat. We've decided that we're going to concentrate on the main living areas and leave the bathrooms and spare bedroom (aka downstairs bedroom) undone until we have time. Don't worry, Bill and Ann, we'll have it done by your visit in May!
After five minutes of sanding by hand with a tiny block sander, I strongly suggested to Billy that we go to Home Depot NOW and buy an electric sander. Man, that thing is so nice! It's just a $30 vibrating sander, but it vacuums and saves so much time.
We've had no time to do anything outside except rake the driveway. I can see that we're going to have a hard time keeping the pine needles from coming in, and the mud! I haven't had hardwoods in years, so it's kind of a rude awakening how quickly they get dirty.
Throughout our packing and moving over the weekend, Mittens has been somewhat apprehensive. Last night, Billy took her to the new house and let her explore a little. Maybe she'll start to understand that we'll all be there together and there's no reason to worry. I try to give her extra petting and snuggling to reassure her that everything's ok. Change can be hard for everyone, but especially when you don't know what's happening.

The poly kitten that we went to look at on Sunday was one of 9 cats living in the apartment. She was VERY skittish, her human mother (pictured) having to drag her out from under the bed repeatedly for us to look at her. We didn't like her coloring or her fur (shorthair) so we'll keep looking. Aren't those paws great, though?

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Anonymous said...

Dad’s Touch – Good to get Dad involved, he has been there and done that. Hardwood floors need attention. Purchase a good dust mop (or two) and keep it handy; shoes and booths go off at the door.

Kitten Psychology – Make sure any new furry kid addition fits well with the other kitty personality. They do have their moods.

Daddy Jim