Monday, April 24, 2006

High on Nip

It's 5:45 on Monday evening, and I'm rushing to finish this before the library closes. I took today off work and envisioned me making our home tidy, organized, and lovely. It would be perfect when Billy returned from work, and we could go pick up the rest of the furniture and boxes from the apartment and get busy livin'.
Unfortunately, that's not how it went.
It never is, is it?
The old apartment had me in a tizzy this morning. You know when there's so much to do that you're not sure where to start? I often just do a little in this room and a little in that room and spend too much time muttering to myself about what needs to be done.
The old apartment got a little cleaner and a little more packed this morning before the piano movers came. I noticed yesterday as I was doing laundry that there was a sort of...dead smell coming from the dryer. Hmm. After we unhooked the dryer vent and moved the dryer, the smell got stronger. This morning, it was evident that some animal had indeed crawled under the building and died, as our kitchen was full of the putrid smell of its decay. Lovely! I'm glad we're not still living there.

The piano movers did a fabulous job, as usual. (D&M Moving, for the inquisitive types.) Here they are moving the piano into the new house (above). Mittens decided that since it was the only place in the house that didn't have a box stacked on it that it was her new perch. No, Mittens!
A sprinkling of nip on both of her scratchy pads gave her something amusing do to (topmost photo) as she waits the requisite week inside before venturing out into the neighborhood. We're hoping to get her a friend soon, as she just seems bored, now that her anxiety has faded. Maybe we're just being typical ADD Americans. Mittens needs a computer! Mittens needs cable TV! Mittens needs a kitten!

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