Thursday, April 13, 2006

I Heart Tractors

A medium-sized tractor and a dumptruck sat in the dark street, awaiting daylight and the $2000 job that they were to complete during the next 8-hour workday. I mentally damned the fact that there wasn't a street lamp above so Billy photograph me in the driver's seat. (Just something that I like to do with tractors I find lying around.) We got out of the car and I frowned to see thin 3'x5' boards laid out across the lawn, leaving only a narrow channel of lawn exposed.
Billy lifted one of the boards up. We expected to see a hole underneath, but it revealed only smashed green grass.
"Oh, those are to protect the lawn from the tractor when they dig the trench," he told me, revealing his landscaper's mindset.
I wouldn't have cared so much if the lawn had gotten torn up, but it's nice that it won't turn into a mudhole like the backyard. We've put off our closing for a week to make sure that the sewer line would in fact be replaced before we took possession. It's probably paranoia, but I visualized the owners reneging on our repair agreement at the last minute and us being stuck with the bill.
After a couple more minutes of speculation and gazing at the mammoth machines, we got into our car and retreated. The house will be ours soon enough; we had things to do.

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